Welcome to Karen's Creations

The Company: Karen's Creations

Karen Miklas is the artisan behind Karen's Creations.  She started making crafts as a child.  Her grandmother, Doris Gregory, patiently taught her how to knit and sew.

   (Grandma Doris)

In her teens and early twenties Karen took many craft classes at a craft store in Wappingers Falls, NY.  Through the years she acquired new skills and talents dabbling with several different mediums.  A craft class at a local craft store in Manchester introduced her to beading.  Beading, as it turns out, is her passion.  It allows her to express her creativity and produce objects of beauty that can be prominently worn on the body.  Friends and colleagues expressed an interest in purchasing Karen's Creations and the business was born. 

The company officially opened for business in September 2004 and is built on the principles of making quality products at an affordable price.   She entered the craft fair circut proudly displaying her jewelry.  Recognizing the saturation of beaders at craft shows her business expanded incorporating other products such as:  fringe flip flops, kitchen angles, boo-boo bunnies, heat sacks etc.  Her diversified product range continues to grow yearly by following trends, improving  standard products, and listening to the customer.